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Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, your freedom and your reputation are on the line. It is imperative that you hire an experienced and aggressive attorney who has the knowledge and skill to advocate on your behalf. Duffe Law, LLC is dedicated to providing clients with an aggressive defense. Our attorneys understand the severe consequences you may be facing if charged with a  crime, and we will fight for YOU.

We can also help with removal from the Sex Offender Registry.


Job Site, Car Accident, Personal Injury

We provide aggressive and loyal representation for people who have been injured due to the negligence and wrongdoing of others. If you have been injured and need help, you can rely on Cira Duffe and the attorneys at Duffe Law to help you through difficult times. Our attorneys work closely with personal injury clients throughout the duration of their personal injury cases and actively seek full compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. We work diligently to educate clients about the law, return calls promptly and keep clients informed. Our attorneys negotiate for the relief clients need and are always prepared to take a case to trial if necessary to protect a client’s rights and interests. 



Traffic, Criminal Records

A criminal record can affect your life in many ways. When someone runs a background check on you, he or she is able to see your arrests and convictions.

Expungement (also called "expunction") is a court-ordered process in which the legal record of an arrest or a criminal conviction is "sealed," or erased in the eyes of the law.  We can help clear your record. REMOVAL FROM SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY.


No office visit needed. Put your past behind you. CALL NOW!


Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

Family law consists of litigations between those related by blood or marriage, but can extend beyond these realms. Most family law cases deal with divorce and custody of children. Because of the close nature of those involved, it is strongly recommended all individuals seek legal counsel. We help in every step along the way.


Estate Management, Property Management, Mortgages

We know that estate, trust, guardianship, and elder law issues are emotional, and can be distressing and confusing. We work to provide the necessary clarity and guidance for you to understand your options and make fully-informed decisions. We offer our services on a one-time basis and can help you with discrete issues (if appropriate), or we can assist you with more complicated matters and provide ongoing advice.

We offer a free initial consultation and we will do our best to ensure you can easily access the assistance you need.


Traffic Tickets, Warrants, DWI & DUI, Suspended License

It’s usually less expensive to fight your traffic ticket than to pay it.

Duffe Law’s experienced traffic lawyers successfully mitigate the consequences of moving violations. Before you plead guilty and take a conviction on your driving or criminal record, contact Duffe Law to help you avoid the costly consequences of a traffic violation.


Do not mess around with Federal Government

If you are charged with a federal crime, it is very likely federal agents have been investigating the case for some time and have accumulated substantial evidence to use in the case against you. Your best defense is an attorney who has significant experience with the system and will fight on your behalf.

If you, or someone in your family, is contacted by federal authorities in relation to any criminal investigation, your first action should be to contact a federal criminal defense attorney. There are very few statements you can make, or questions you can answer, without making matters worse. Your good intentions can be your worst enemy where federal investigations are concerned.

Federal cases are not tried by state prosecutors, but by the United States Attorney’s office. This is important because the US attorney’s office has considerably more time to devote to the cases they have decided to prosecute and thus spend considerably more time working on them. Federal cases tend to be more legally complex, and more difficult to defend. Cira Duffe is a federal criminal defense attorney with extensive federal criminal defense experience and a working knowledge of the federal agencies leading the investigations.

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